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Pointes for Nepal Beneficiaries

In April this year, a deadly earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit central Nepal, killing more than 9000 people and injuring many more, flattening cities and leaving hundreds of thousands of survivors homeless. A matter of mere weeks later, with the country still reeling from the shock and devastation, 2 more earthquakes of similar magnitude hit Nepal within minutes of each other.

The earthquakes that struck the country in April and May 2015 are now the deadliest disasters to have ever occurred in Nepal’s history.

All proceeds from the Pointes for Nepal fundraiser will be donated to the following beneficiaries working to provide emergency relief aid to the people in Nepal, and to help rebuild the nation as it gets back on it’s feet following the trauma and devastation of these disasters:

WorldVision International

WorldVision is an international humanitarian aid and development organisation. WorldVision has been working in Nepal to provide education, health and increased living standards to the Nepalese. In the days and months following the earthquakes, WorldVision has expanded it’s efforts in Nepal to encompass emergency relief for more than 130,000 victims affected by the disaster by providing much-needed essentials for survival, such as food, shelter and hygiene supplies, in areas most affected by the quakes.

30,000 classrooms were damaged in the earthquakes that left a million children without schools. WorldVision’s rebuilding efforts in Nepal include the construction of temporary learning shelters for children in affected areas, with the aim of providing the children of Nepal a safe, clean, protected environment for them to learn in. You can find out more about WorldVision and it’s efforts here.

The Little Bells Promiseland Project

The Little Bells Promiseland project in Nepal was founded by Singaporean-based psychiatrist Dr. Muni Winslow, with the aim of building a school and orphanage in the town of Dhamphus, Nepal to shelter, raise and nurture the poor, needy and orphaned children of Nepal and equip them with an education and skill sets to make a better life for themselves.

Following the earthquakes, local networks involved with the Promiseland project have been able to help reach areas which have yet to get any international help due to their geographic location. International aid has not able to reach these areas without the use of helicopters due to their remote location, and because main access roads to these areas have been damaged. The Promiseland project channeled funds and aid directly to Pokhara, Nepal to help with food, medical treatment, tents and counselling of the victims. They also sent funds for tin houses to be built for them to survive the monsoon period as the Nepalese people start to rebuild their permanent homes and plant their crops.  They continue to help the earthquake victims in areas that are not being attended to by the government or international aid agencies.

The construction and equipping of the Little Bells Promiseland Children’s Home has suffered setbacks due to the earthquakes, but the need for such shelters is more pressing than ever, as even more children have been orphaned due to the earthquake and the rate of child trafficking has increased. You can find out more about the Little Bells Promiseland Project here.